The severe weather in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas puts a great deal of strain on the HVAC systems and keeps all of us indoors for the majority of the time. Whether you’re heating or cooling, the performance of the duct system impacts running costs, efficiency, capacity, and air quality. If you’ve noticed issues with comfort, airborne contaminants, unpleasant odors, hot/cold spots, longer HVAC cycles, or rooms that are difficult to temperature control, the ductwork is probably to blame. It’s time for professional cleaning from Panda HVAC Inc..

Professional Duct Work Cleaning

Panda HVAC Inc. protects your comfort, health, and budget with affordable and effective duct cleaning strategies. Our highly trained team handles both residential and commercial applications, utilizing industry leading technology and techniques to provide maximum benefits. The process is completed quickly, without mess or damage, and typically pays for itself in energy savings. Give Panda HVAC Inc. a call at (917) 512-3156 for expert duct services throughout East Williamsburg, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Green Point, NY.

Keep your home safe with expert dryer vent cleaning!

Dryer vent cleaning is absolutely necessary and far too often overlooked. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, clothes dryers are responsible for more than 15,000 fires annually. The accumulation of lint and debris within the appliance restricts airflow, negatively impacting appliance performance and creating a fire risk. Don’t take chances. Rely on the specialists from Panda HVAC Inc. for dryer vent cleaning. We have the experience, know-how, and proper tools to do the job right. 

Call our team for dryer and duct cleaning in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas!

Have you noticed clothes are still damp at the end of the drying cycle? Is your clothes dryer running for extended cycles? Musty odors, clothing that is hot to the touch, excessive amounts of dust in the lint trap, and unusual heat in the room where the dryer is located are all indications of a problem. By taking good care of the dryer, it will last longer, provide superior operation, cost less to run, and avoid safety hazards. Take proactive measures with convenient and dedicated service from Panda HVAC Inc..

How Can You Benefit from Cleaner Air Ducts?

You spend most of your time indoors. These indoor areas don’t have access to fresh air all of the time. Dander, dust, and other air contaminants accumulate and cycle in the air in any building. While many of us don’t think about cleaning air ducts, it’s vital for the health of all occupants.

Air ducts should be cleaned regularly, as they are basically the lungs of any home or business. Ducts should especially be cleaned if there are:

  • Smokers in the household
  • Pets, especially those that shed
  • Residents with allergies or asthma

If you haven’t cleaned the ducts at your home or business, you’re eventually going to notice an air quality problem. For your health and that of those around you, contact a duct cleaning professional ASAP.

Panda HVAC Inc. can perform air duct cleaning for homes and businesses in the Brooklyn and surrounding New York City and Long Island areas. Before branching out to other HVAC services, our professionals concentrated solely on air duct cleaning services.

You can count on our team to use the best equipment and techniques possible to rid your home of these accumulated contaminants. We use certified practices to ensure that your air ducts are as clean as possible.

We care about the health of your family and the employees at your place of business. Don’t let dirty air continue to have a negative impact on your health – call Panda HVAC Inc. in Brooklyn & Long Island, NY today for air duct cleaning.

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