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Are you looking for ways to reduce your heating bill? Would you like to also enjoy exceptional summer cooling? Consider the installation of an energy-efficient heat pump. As the most efficient heating option on the market, heat pumps maintain year-round comfort and cost savings. Specializing in a full range of heat pump services, Panda HVAC Inc. is your trusted choice for new installation, dual fuel systems, upgrades, essential maintenance, and repairs across Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas.

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Rather than burning fossil fuels to create heat, a heat pump extracts it from the outside. Using a similar principle as your refrigerator, this innovative system simply moves heat from one place to another. Even in winter, when the outside temperature drops down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, the air holds heat. Because there’s no combustion process, there are no harmful byproducts, safety issues, and there is much less impact on the environment.

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Rather than upgrade to air conditioning, how about installing a heat pump and enjoying more efficient summer cooling as well as cost-effective heating? To learn more about the many opportunities and benefits of an electric heat pump, contact Panda HVAC Inc. at (917) 512-3156. We are dedicated to providing our residential clients unmatched quality of equipment and services throughout Gravesend, Bath Beach, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Mapleton & Marine Park, NY.

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