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Amana Heating System

Panda HVAC Inc. answers the challenge of severe winter weather in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas with higher standards of preventative maintenance. We optimize the performance of all types, makes, models, and ages of residential and commercial heating systems.

Reliable Heating System Maintenance

Dedicated with providing our clients the very best return from their investment, we adhere to meticulous troubleshooting, cleaning, and tuning procedures. If there’s any concerns with your heating equipment, we give you the heads up that allows for proactive measures and promotes greater reliability.

Count on our team for all your heating service needs!

Panda HVAC Inc. encourages scheduling annual upkeep in the fall, before the temperature drops and your heating system becomes a necessity. Let us make sure everything is operating safely and properly. Along with helping to avoid malfunction, our qualified technicians maximize efficiency and capacity, reduce running costs and sound levels, and enhance comfort and air quality. Call us at (917) 512-3156 for convenient scheduling anywhere across Gravesend, Bath Beach, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Mapleton & Marine Park, NY. We complete every job quickly, neatly, and to your satisfaction.

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