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Call Panda for HVAC installation and repairs in Brooklyn & Long Island, NY areas

At Panda HVAC, we have a knack for finding out what works best for a customers' specific needs. We are happy to diagnose and rectify any issue going on with your heating or air conditioning unit. If it turns out it is beyond repair, you can trust us to fully install a reliable new unit at your home or business in no time.

For installation services, we specialize in Mitsubishi units. Mitsubishi creates industry-leading heating and air conditioning units that many homeowners and business owners in Brooklyn & Long Island, NY areas have come to rely on for their comfort. You can count on our team to effectively install these units at your building in record time.

For repairs, trust our team to use the best tools and products to perform a reliable repair. We have years of experience with a variety of different HVAC set-ups of all different sizes. Whether you have a small apartment heating unit or a commercial air conditioning system, you can count on our team to get the job done right.

Panda makes sure to treat all of our customers with care – because you deserve to feel comfortable at your building – and with our services. If you’re in need of heating system or air conditioning system installation in Brooklyn & Long Island, NY including the surrounding areas, call Panda HVAC right away at (917) 971-2632.